Primary School Lučko

Primary School Lučko

Primary School Lučko grew out of the Primary School Stupnik, where teaching began more than 150 years ago. The school is located in Lučko, next to the main road towards Jastrebarsko and Karlovac. Across the street is the old school building that keeps the schools history alive. Nowadays, the school has about 755 students. In addition to the main school building in Lučko, there are regional schools in Stupnik and Ježdovac. Beside regular classes, the school is active in implementing projects financed from national, EU funds, EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The uniqueness of the school is reflected in its commitment to solidarity, which is manifested in a series of humanitarian activities, knowledge and commitment to the continuous improvement of IT, technical and other competencies, and the preservation of the school identity based on rich cultural heritage and local history.

The school is active in the field of prevention of all forms of violence and in activities in the local community that encourage students to take a more active role in social life through volunteering and intergenerational solidarity.

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Our role in the project:

Primary school Lučko acts as the Project Promoter on behalf of a consortium of four partners from Croatia and one partner from the donor country Norway.

In order to ensure the implementation of project activities, the school engaged its administrative and professional staff to perform the administrative tasks of project management and reporting, while the professional part of the work, in accordance with the planned activities and results of the project, will be performed by professional team of teachers and educational workers.

The main goal of participating in the project is to improve the teaching ability of teachers and educational staff in STEM fields and to improve the STEM skills of students, including students with special needs (potentially gifted and students with disabilities) in regular classes and extracurricular activities.

The following activities for the development of teachers' abilities will be carried out in Primary school Lučko: education in the field of robotics, informatics and 3D modelling, education on motivation for mathematics (potentially gifted and students with disabilities), education in the field of astronomy; education on the use of digital tools and systems in teaching; and various professional one-day and multi-day workshops. Work programs for informatics, robotics, 3D modelling and astronomy will be developed and created.

The following activities are planned to strengthen students' STEM skills: education for students - IT group, education for students - robotics group, education for students - 3D modelling group, motivational education in robotics, informatics and 3D programming for students of lower grades; student education and practical work in the distillation of aromatic plants; student education and practical work in making cosmetics based on essential oils and making souvenirs from the flowers of aromatic plants and drying, preparing and packing spices from aromatic plants and teas from medicinal plants; and various professional one-day and multi-day workshops.

As the infrastructural modernization and equipping of STEM classrooms is a necessary precondition for the realization of regular and extracurricular contents, as part of the improvement of the STEM areas envisaged by this project, Primary school Lučko will modernize and completely equip biology/chemistry classroom and physics/technical culture classroom with necessary equipment and teaching materials. A STEM garden will be created in the external area of ​​the school, which will include the planting of aromatic plants from Croatia in the form of an educational path, the outdoor work space will be arranged into an open-air classroom, and the existing internal unused space will be adapted into a space for carrying out extracurricular activities related to the STEM garden ( distillation, production of essential oils, cosmetics, spices, teas, etc.).

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