Åpenhet is Norwegian GovTech company specialized in good governance and data driven policy making, based in Oslo and Paris.

More about Åpenhet is available on: https://apenhet.com/

Our role in the project:

Åpenhet is a Norwegian GovTech company that joined the project as a partner from the donor country, contributing to the project in establishing bilateral cooperation between Croatian teachers and educators with experts, schools and institutions in Norway that are most relevant for strengthening their capacities in the field of STEM teaching and creating innovative teaching materials. In addition, the Åpenhet team will create a visual identity for the project and develop a digital STEM library with innovative teaching materials for STEM teaching in the fields of biology, physics and chemistry, mathematics, and for extracurricular activities in the fields of astronomy, robotics, forensics, STEM garden, 3D modeling with special focus on students with special needs.

The STEM library as an innovative digital tool will be available to all schools in Croatia and thus facilitate their transition to STEM classes.

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