About the project

About the project

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The general goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of primary school education institutions in the Republic of Croatia in STEM teaching with the ultimate goal of improving the STEM skills of teachers and other educational workers and students.

With the project, three elementary schools in the City of Zagreb will modernize, renovate, adapt and capacitate a total of 6 STEM modern classrooms and will be equipped with the necessary equipment, which is a precondition for the introduction of STEM in regular classes and extracurricular activities.

Also, the project will strengthen the capacities and skills of teachers in STEM teaching by providing and attending specific and targeted educations in STEM fields, especially biology, physics, chemistry. Capacities and skills will also be stenghtened by exchanging experiences and examples of good practice through study trips and bilateral cooperation.

The project will implement a series of activities and contents intended for students from STEM fields (biology, chemistry, physics, technical culture, mathematics). By organizing educations, field classes, one-day and multi-day workshops in Zagreb and outside, by exchanging experiences of students within partner schools through joint activities, students' STEM skills will be strengthened, including students with special needs (potentially gifted and students with disabilities).

Students with learning disabilities will be able to get acquainted with the STEM field through various creative games, experiments, workshops and other STEM activities in the classes of biology, chemistry, technical culture, nature, mathematics and in extracurricular activities in the field of modeling, active citizenship and activities in the newly built STEM gardens.

The project will encourage focused and individualized work with potentially gifted students adapted to their talents, abilities and interests. The partner schools have identified the areas of astronomy and forensics, robotics, 3D modeling, mathematics and the STEM garden in which they will further develop extracurricular programs and materials for potentially gifted students.

Norwegian project partner Åpenhet will design a STEM library that will contain innovative and creative STEM materials for curricular and extracurricular programs. This modern digital tool will become available to all schools nationally to facilitate their transition to STEM education.

The project also includes activities aimed at developing skills and improving abilities in the field of active citizenship in order to encourage more active participation of students in society through visits and organized events in local retirement homes, children's homes and homes for neglected children with the aim of encouraging empathy, solidarity, development social and community skills while raising awareness and the importance of volunteering.

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