Primary school Nikola Tesla Zagreb

Primary school Nikola Tesla Zagreb

Primary school Nikola Tesla was designed as a unique type of honeycomb-shaped building in 1979. The classrooms have a pentagonal floor plan with day lighting on two sides for students. Nowadays school, that proudly caries the name of Croatian inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla, has around 600 students and employs 40 teachers.

Aware of the exceptional importance of information and communication technologies in modern society, the school have been using eTwinning in classes since 2013 which helps the cooperation with schools on a national level and several schools within the European Union.

For the past ten years, the school has been following modern educational policy that includes the basic components of the National Framework Curriculum in the teaching process, with a special emphasis on the European dimension of education - training for coexistence in the European context and high-quality education for all our students.

The school teachers and educational workers gain valuable experience at professional trainings at county and state levels, participation in Comenius and Erasmus+ individual mobility, participation in international conferences and individual training. The school implemented 4 Erasmus+ projects and received Erasmus accreditation as one of eight schools in the Republic of Croatia. This is supported by the fact that seven of our teachers have the title of teacher mentor and five have the title of teacher advisor.

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Our role in the project:

In order to ensure the implementation of project activities, the school engaged its administrative and professional staff to perform the administrative tasks of project management and reporting, while the professional part of the work, in accordance with the planned activities and results of the project, will be performed by professional team of teachers and educational workers.

The main goal of participating in the project is to improve the teaching ability of teachers and educational staff in STEM fields and to improve the STEM skills of students, including students with special needs (potentially gifted and students with disabilities) in regular classes and extracurricular activities.

The following activities for the development of teachers' abilities will be carried out in the Primary School Nikola Tesla: education of the Centre for Forensic Examinations and Expertise "Ivan Vucetic", education of the Department of Molecular Biology of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, education of the Physics Department of the Faculty of Science, educational visit to the National Centre for Technical Culture, education for 3D modelling, robotics education, reading and writing education for critical thinking, education on the use of digital tools and platforms.

To strengthen students' STEM skills, a variety of educational one-day and multi-day workshops and field classes in various areas are planned for the following extracurricular activities: forensics, modelers, young technicians, robotics, young scientists, young mathematicians, young researchers, STEMArt. During the project, students will visit the Memorial Center "Nikola Tesla" Smiljan, Technical Museum, Faculty of Science, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Botanical Garden; STEM park Oroslavlje and field classes will be held at the National Center for Technical Culture.

As the infrastructural modernization and equipping of STEM classrooms is a necessary precondition for the realization of regular and extracurricular content as part of the improvement of the STEM areas envisaged by this project, the Primary school Nikola Tesla will modernize and completely equip biology/chemistry classroom and mathematics/technical culture classroom with necessary equipment and teaching materials. Floor and lighting adaptation works will be carried out in the classrooms and they will be equipped with furniture and IT equipment. An indoor STEM garden will be established and equipped, where nature, biology and chemistry classes will be conducted.


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